lawyer who was absent from the CPI has a picture of “hypopotassemia”

The Syrian-Lebanese hospital in São Paulo responded to the CPI of Covid-19 in the Senate, which this Wednesday (1st of September) requested information about the state of health of the lawyer Marcos Tolentino. According to the bulletin, he suffers from severe hypokalemia and has no scheduled discharge date.

Expected to testify on Wednesday, the alleged hidden partner of Fib Bank claimed to suffer from sequels of Covid-19 so as not to testify in the commission. A medical certificate was presented by the lawyer’s defense, with the justification that he was admitted to the hospital unit suffering “tingling”.

At the end of the afternoon, a medical report signed by dr. Luiz Francisco Cardoso, Director of Clinical Governance of Sírio-Libanês, and by dr. Angelo Fernandez, Clinical Director, confirms the certificate and informs that laboratory tests revealed that Tolentino suffers from severe hypokalemia – a drop in potassium in the blood, which can cause fatigue, muscle cramps and abnormal heart rhythms.

See the full bulletin:

“The patient Marcos Tolentino da Silva was admitted to the Emergency Room (PA) of the Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in São Paulo, on 08/31/2021, with complaints of precordial discomfort and tingling in his limbs. The patient was hospitalized and underwent laboratory and imaging tests.

Laboratory tests revealed severe hypokalemia (potassium 2.6), which can induce cardiac arrhythmia. Intravenous potassium replacement therapy was applied and new tests of the digestive, cardiac and neurological systems are being carried out.

At the moment, the patient is stable. There is no forecast for hospital discharge. The patient is accompanied by medical teams coordinated by Dr. Luís Fernando Corrêa Zantut.

Dr. Luiz Francisco Cardoso
Clinical Governance Director

Dr. Angelo Fernandez
Clinical Director.”

“Go away, but come”

At the opening of the session on Wednesday, the president of the CPI, Omar Aziz (PSD-AM), suggested that Tolentino, despite having been hospitalized this morning, did not appear to be ill on Tuesday night (31/8).

“Yesterday, at 10 pm, I was talking normally with someone, who I reserve not to name, as if I had absolutely nothing. I do not believe that a doctor will give a certificate without reason”, said the senator, suggesting that hospitalization could be a strategy of the deponent to postpone the hearing.

“He’s going to run away today, he’s going to run away tomorrow, but he’s coming,” added Aziz.