Learn to recognize signs that you are drinking too little water

Water is one of the most important foods for the body. It is she who carries oxygen and nutrients to cells and makes the body rid itself of toxic substances.

In the dry season, the impression we have is one of eternal thirst. However, when water consumption is below what is needed, the body gives other signs that it needs hydration. Do you know how to recognize them?

The director of the Clinic for Kidney Diseases in Brasília and full member of the Brazilian Society of Nephrology (SBN), Maria Letícia Cascelli, listed five of them. Check out:

  1. The ideal amount of water is that responsible for the elimination of two liters of urine in 24 hours, which means the ingestion of 30 – 35 mL of liquids for each kilo of body weight. That is, if you weigh 70 kilos you should drink about 2.5 liters of water. If your urine is not light colored, means you are drinking little water;
  2. Another sign of lack of water in cells is the dryness of the mouth and skin;
  3. Dizziness they can also be an indication that you need to drink more water. When water intake is low, blood pressure can rise and trigger a feeling of dizziness because of the contraction of the brain vessels;
  4. Tiredness is another symptom that may be related to dehydration. When we don’t drink enough water, cells “complain” in different ways. Feelings of tiredness and irritability occur when proteins necessary for the proper functioning of the nervous system are not being hydrolyzed (broken down by water);
  5. Headache it can also be caused by a lack of water circulating in the body. When the fluid is at low levels, the body needs to exert more force to get the blood flowing to all the organs. Without the usual flow of water and nutrients, the head can be one of those affected.

The nephrologist adds that dehydration is a very common condition, but that should not be minimized. Lack of water in the body can cause kidney stones and lead to urinary infections. In more severe cases, the problem can develop into an acute renal deficit.

Don’t like drinking water? Here’s what to do:

To increase your water consumption, an important guideline is to always carry a small bottle or glass of water close to you. The expedient will make you “remember” to drink water;

Using technology to your advantage is also a good idea. There are currently several apps available on mobile phones with reminders to drink water;

Flavored waters are an incentive for those who don’t like the lack of flavor in water. You can make it more refreshing by adding citrus fruits (like oranges and lemons) and herbs (mint and rosemary).