Lidi Lisboa announces participation in new Netflix series: ”Think of a happiness!”

Lidi Lisboa announces her participation in ‘A Sogra Que Te Pariu’, the first Brazilian sitcom on Netflix

Lidi Lisbon (37) have plenty of reasons to celebrate!

This Wednesday, the actress announced that she is part of the cast of the newest series on Netflix, the mother-in-law who gave you birth.

The news was given by the artist herself on her social networks, who published some behind-the-scenes footage of the recordings where she appears alongside the cast that has big names like Rafael Zulu (38), Daniela Fontan (41) Pedro Ottoni (21), Barbara Sut and Rodrigo Sant’Anna (40), who is also the creator of the series.

In the caption, she took the opportunity to celebrate this new moment in her career: “AND THERE IS HERE…IT’S NETFLIX LOVES! Think of happiness! Nice to meet you, Alice! Oh no! Not at home…

Mother-in-law Que Te Pariu is the first Brazilian sitcom on Netflix, created and starring Rodrigo Sant’Anna! I feel ready to laugh. It’s much more comedy and Brazil on screen!“, she finished.

Quickly, his fans started to comment on the post: “I’m so proud” said one. “Lidi deserves a lot!” said another. “Congratulations Lidi! I am very happy for you“, wrote a third.

Check out Lidi Lisboa’s announcement about her participation in A Mother-In-Law Que Te Pariu, a new Netflix series:

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