Lizi Benites on steroid use: ‘Being called hot’

the ex-panic Piu-Piu, nickname of Lizi Benites, 41, from “Pânico na TV”, told about the period she was stage assistant for the program. At that time, the model said that she used anabolic to “be called hot”.

In an interview with TicaracatiCast channel, run by humorists Bola and Carioca on YouTube, Lizi said that after taking anabolic steroids, she had reactions. “I took anabolic. It was a fight, but I took it. Hair fell out, my face filled with pimples, but my body was ok. It gave me a lot of side effects,” she said.

The model confessed that she used it because she felt a difference between her body and that of the other panicats.

“I took it because, when I got to Panic, I saw the girls’ bodies and they were wonderful, my butt was soft. I remember that, at events, people called other people hot, but for me nothing. I felt bad. “, said.

Lizi said no one asked her to take anabolic steroids. The urge left her after feeling inferior to the other girls’ bodies. “No one ever spoke to me. It was me, I struggled with it. I thought I needed to fit those standards.

She said that she used both anabolic through a needle and pills. “I injected myself, but I had medical supervision. A friend once asked me what had happened in my head. I reached the level where I needed to make up my head,” she said.

About her participation in “Panico na TV”, she said it was a great learning experience, in the period she was able to learn a little bit of everything.

The time I spent at ‘Panico’ was a school of everything: emotional, psychological, professional. I learned a lot from you, it was the best program I had. People were waiting for Sunday to watch the program. It was what made me happy, but of course it wasn’t just joy either. I had an emotional part there

In the interview, she recalled how she was invited to become a panicat on the program. “I met Dani Souza at some events in São Paulo, while I was doing modeling work. One day I went to Panico radio with her and Beggar called me to be panicat. My first day had Gugu. I asked myself what it was this: ‘The Gugu on my side? I can’t believe I’m here,” she said.

After knowing the fee, she did not waiver and accepted to participate in the program. “My first job was R$ 500 and I said that was where I was going to stay. My life has changed, because I’ve always had a very humble life, always struggling,” stated Lizi.

She also remembered about being called a call girl while she was a panicat. “I felt very bad. I thought that people looked at me and thought ‘that one is a call girl.’ in this period.