Lobista da Necessidade presents medical certificate from Sírio-Libanês not to testify

Marconny Nunes Ribeiro Albernaz de Faria’s defense informed Covid-19’s CPI on Wednesday that the alleged lobbyist for Tinha Medicines will not testify to the collegiate this Thursday (2/9), in reason for admission to the Sírio-Libanês Hospital in São Paulo. The witness alleges “pelvic pain” for not appearing at the commission.

This is the second deponent to obtain a medical certificate from the hospital to abstain from the hearing in less than 24 hours. Earlier, the defense of businessman Marcos Tolentino, cited as a “hidden partner” of FIB Bank, also presented a document signed by doctors from the private health unit, justifying health problems so as not to testify.

The coincidence surprised the commission’s senators. Vice President Randolfe Rodrigues (Rede-AP) asked the Bureau to seek information about Marconny’s health status at the hospital. The same referral was made in relation to Tolentino.

“Mr. Marconny’s defense informs that he is under medical care, before the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital, forwards a certificate. I want to determine that you request information immediately from the hospital. They want to use the Syrian Lebanese as an alibi for not attending,” said the senator.

At the opening of the session this Wednesday, President Omar Aziz (PSD-AM) suggested that Tolentino, despite having been hospitalized this morning, did not appear to be ill on Tuesday night (31/8).

Annoyed, the senator said the hospital “could not cover up criminals and issue false certificates.” And he immediately called the general director of Sírio-Libanês in São Paulo, Fernando Ganem. The response was a promise that the hospital will set up a medical board to review the certificates issued.

According to Aziz, the director of the Sírio-Libanês guaranteed that there is no irresponsibility in giving a certificate to anyone who is not sick and that he will provide all the information requested by the CPI.

“Go away, but come”

“Yesterday, at 10 pm, I was talking normally with someone, who I reserve not to name, as if I had absolutely nothing. I do not believe that a doctor will give a certificate without reason”, said the senator, suggesting that hospitalization could be a strategy of the deponent to postpone the hearing. “He’s going to run away today, he’s going to run away tomorrow, but he’s coming,” added Aziz.

Reporter Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL) defended that the collegiate should not close the work before listening to Tolentino. “It’s no use for him to go to the hospital, go to the hospital, try to escape the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission. It’s no use, we’ll only end when we hear it”, he emphasized.


Calheiros narrates that the strategy of avoiding testimony is not new. “This is not new. We had deponents who traveled abroad, claimed to be quarantined so as not to testify. They have always fled this way, ever since Pazuello, we have come across this problem,” he said, referring to the episode in which the former Minister of Health claimed to have had contact with a person infected with the new coronavirus so as not to testify.