LoL: Simplicity negotiates part of Flamengo franchise on CBLOL, says website

O Flamengo Sports did not have a good year in the League of Legends in 2021. The red-black team was eliminated in the semifinals of the first split and quarterfinals of the second split after losing to paiN Gaming and RED Kalunga, respectively. Shortly after the result, the board announced the departure of Fred Tannure, former head of the esports division.

According to the Sports Business Journal website, simplicity, which holds the rights to the Flamengo brand in CBLOL 2021, would be negotiating with third parties the franchise’s participation in the league. The American company will still have most of the franchise, and as the site cites, the idea is to relieve the pressure of the organization on the part of fans.

Flamengo Sports
Photo: (Disclosure/Flemish)

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Although the site claims that it had access to the details of the offer made by Simplicity, Roman Franklin, the company’s director, replied to Sport Business that they are not selling the CBLOL franchise.

If someone comes in and wants to invest in the company, we would consider selling a minority stake in the business to them with the right valuation, but we are not actively looking, and it would have to be a very attractive valuation and only for a minority.

It is worth remembering that, in addition to the unsatisfactory results in CBLOL, Flamengo’s team also did not do well in Free Fire and did not even manage to qualify for Serie A in the major league, the LBFF.

In a podcast, ranger, a former Flamengo hunter, revealed that he learned of his dismissal minutes before the announcement, and also completed talking about exaggerated charges from the technical committee and the organization’s “lack of professionalism”. In an interview with Mais Esports, the Flamengo Manager said that there was “nothing out of the ordinary” in relation to the charges.

Despite the negative results mentioned above, the Flamengo did a great job with his youth category and won both CBLOL Academy 2021 splits.