Luana Piovani is photographed at a party with her family and is thoughtful about her new birthday

Luana Piovani
Luana Piovani shows photos of the birthday party and makes an important reflection (Image: Playback / Instagram)

Luana Piovani completed his 45th birthday on Sunday (29th) and held a party to celebrate the special date, as he showed this Tuesday (31). The famous took advantage of the publication’s caption to reflect on another year of life, which she has built in Portugal.

The actress gathered her boyfriend, her children, friends and more family members in an “event” at her house, around the pool. She registered the moment in some photos, radiating all that atmosphere of joy and congratulations.

In the post he made on his Instagram profile, Piovani started by thanking him for what he has and talking in a very poetic way about the latest events in his life:

45 turbo engine. Grateful. Grateful, a thousand times grateful. I want so little, I have so much. My children, family, friends, profession. I’m even thinking it’s good that I still don’t have sponsorship for my play in Portugal, so that I can have this goal pulling me out of this sea of ​​fullness that has been making me drunk”.

Dom, Bem and Liz’s mother weighed the positives and negatives of having reached the age of 45, and was proud of what she had built up until then:

So few ‘snags’ in this life… I’m living proof that a good mother, willpower and education guarantee post-choice success… Happy my new everything. I pray for the world and I fight for it but mine, this little world that makes my days, thank God, I’ve managed to make it good”.

Susana Vieira left Luana Piovani a short message: “Pretty and happy! blessed”. Ingrid Guimarães also wrote: “Congratulations! Much health! all the best”. Influencer Camilla Monteiro extended: “Congratulations, beautiful! May Jesus greatly bless you, not just this day but every day of your life! Many, many blessings”. Cris Viana commented: ??“Best wishes your beautiful. much health and love”.

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