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Lucifer (Igor Rickli) will stir up Joseph’s brothers (Juliano Laham) in Genesis. The withered will dress like a servant and tell the boys that his master is interested in doing business with Israel (Petronio Gontijo). Sly, the devil will say that the powerful in the region know that the protagonist will inherit the power of the patriarch.

The fallen angel will plant the seed of discord in this Thursday’s chapter (2). The character will appear in the middle of the field and start a conversation with the group with the excuse that he is thirsty. Men will help you.

“Thank you very much! I’ve been walking a long time without finding water”, will say Lucifer. Rúben (Felipe Cunha) will ask the stranger’s path, and the devil will lie that he will go to Shechem.

Simeão (Igor Cotrim) will sympathize with the stranger and give him a more useful tip: “Generally Siquém is very good for grazing. But lately the region of Dotã is better. Let’s go there”, the villain will complete.

Before leaving, Lucifer will bring up a new subject with the boys: “Have you ever passed the camp of a man named Israel? My lord has heard that he is a very prosperous man and wanted to try to do business with him”, he will say innocently .

Empty head…

“We are children of Israel”, will answer Judah (Thiago Rodrigues), with pride. The devil will blurt out: “What a coincidence! And which one of you is Joseph?”

Reuben will frown and ask why the stranger wants to know about the protagonist. With disdain, the character played by Igor Rickli will explain that Joseph will be the firstborn, therefore, he will inherit the wealth of Israel.

Lia’s eldest son (Ingra Lyberato) will angrily correct him: “Joseph is not the firstborn! It’s me. Where did you hear this nonsense?” Lucifer will lie that everyone in the region commented on the boy’s fame:

But please excuse me for the mistake. I will pass the correct information to my lord… That the firstborn of Israel is actually… What is his name again?

…devil’s workshop

The ambitious one played by Felipe Cunha will grudgingly respond: “Rúben!”. Lucifer will notice that he managed to “apply it to the mind” of the envious one and will leave the group with an excuse.

“Yes, that Reuben is the first of the lineage of Israel, with whom we must do business! I won’t forget. Excuse me”, he concluded, satisfied.

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