Luísa Mell tells a tense “story” of when she ran over a man during a dog rescue, and the story has a surprising ending; watch!

The stories of the rescues carried out by Luísa Mell are countless, but the most recent one, shared by the activist during her participation in the GNT program “Que História é Essa, Porchat?”, is somewhat curious! That’s because, according to the blonde, when trying to help the injured little animal, she ended up running over a man. Hi? Hahaha

In a chat with Fábio Porchat, Pedroca Monteiro and Rodrigo Pandolfo, Mell reported details of the tense episode he experienced. “I always go everywhere to rescue (animals) and never measure the consequences. This time I was with my baby, Enzo, who was not even one year old, I had my cell phone and disaster arrived. It was a bloody dog, a dreadful thing that couldn’t wait for the next day. It was about nine in the evening. But I never go to the robbery alone, I always call someone to go with me”, recalled Luisa.

The account then continued. “Then I called Rafael Leal, who was one of my partners, ‘Rafa, look at the picture of the dog, for God’s sake, I can’t go alone.’ He said: ‘Okay, I’ll go in a little while, okay’. He came, he picked me up at home, it was already ten o’clock. I’m used to going during the day, at night it’s a little more tense. During the day, there are places where I go and say: ‘Hi, I’m Luisa Mell’, the trafficker will let me, I just came to save the dog’. But at night… This place was new”, pointed out the activist.

Afterwards, Luísa shared the moment when the situation went from bad to worse, due to her lack of perception. “I know it was dark, and it got really dark, and then all of a sudden, boom! Out of nowhere, I didn’t see where it came from, a motorcycle hit the car. I know it was a very deserted place and suddenly a lot of men started to appear. And I was desperate, because the guy on the bike fell, and I was like: ‘No, wait, let’s call the police.’ Then someone said: ‘The police don’t come in here!’ It took me a while to call me because the police aren’t coming. I was thinking it was like, ‘Oh, poor things, the police don’t even come here'”, she reported.

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Without realizing the danger he was in, Mell said he needed a “touch” from his rescuer. “And Rafael started: ‘Can’t you see that they are bandits? Let’s go’. Then the biggest bandit came and I said: ‘Man, let me tell you, I left my house, I left my baby, to save a dog that is injured, how can I leave a person injured?’ And at that moment I think I saved my life”said the blonde, enjoying the situation.

Luísa Mell tells a hilarious and surprising “story” on the GNT program “Que História é Essa, Porchat?”. (Photo: Reproduction / GNT)

The unbelievable moments of tension, however, did not stop there. “There he [o bandido] said: ‘Put it on [o homem da moto] in the car’. Rafael said: ‘Are you going to put it in my car?’ Then everyone helped put him in the car and we went to the hospital. [O moço que caiu disse] ‘I can’t go to the hospital, I’m undocumented’. I said: ‘Okay, let’s go to your house and you can get the document.’ Then we get to an even more broken road — and you can’t go everywhere — everyone comes on top of the car and I say: ‘Calm down, I’m taking him because he’s hurt, let’s get the document to take to the hospital’ ”, explained.

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The absurd account then drew laughs from the rest of the program participants and also from the audience. “So he said, ‘Lady, I’m not going to the hospital.’ And I: ‘What do you mean? Give me your phone’. Then I went to the other side (of the neighborhood) to get the dog, and I said: ‘Don’t you know, I have to take the medicine to the boy’, and the woman: ‘It’s all a criminal, are you worried?’. I said: ‘I’m worried about the dog and the boy, it doesn’t matter if he’s a criminal, if he’s in pain, it matters to me'”, told the activist.

Despite leaving the unknown man unaided on the fateful night, Mell did not give up and said that he actually contacted the boy the next day. “In the morning I call the boy and say: ‘Look, I’m already seeing the private hospital where my friend is a doctor, I’ve already talked to my friend and she’ll see you, I’ll pay’. Then he said: ‘Lady, let me tell you. You really are very nice, I can see that you have good intentions, but I’m a criminal. I can’t go to the hospital because I’m wanted'”, revealed the blonde. My God!

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“Then I asked, ‘How old are you?’ He replied: ’19’. And I said: ‘You are not a criminal, you are a criminal. I could be your mother!”, she exclaimed. Afterwards, Luísa then revealed the unexpected ending of the “story”, which had her fulfilling her promise to help the injured young man. “I’m going to say something here that I don’t know if it can cause complications, but he said there was a doctor who could pay and who attends the criminals, and I paid”, concluded. Check out the full report: