Luísa Sonza scares followers with enigmatic post

Luisa Sonza, singer, this Wednesday (1st) caused surprise in an enigmatic post on the web. The artist revealed about her current moment.

“I’m so, so sad and so happy at the same time”, commented on Twitter. The singer’s followers in weight tried to ‘tranquilize’ her.

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“No one understands you, woman, you’re happy at one point, then you say you’re sad, then you say it’s better alone, then you want someone, then they’re trying to sabotage you, a woman who has suffered a life”, “Happiness is a state of mind… a choice.!. The sadness is there, knocks on the door every day…it only comes in if we open it! I choose to leave her out, and even in the most adverse situations, I choose to be happy! And look, it works, see!”, fired.

Recently, Luisa she showed that she doesn’t usually hold grievances when she needed to grade the actress’ performance Viviane Araújo at the ‘Super Dance of the Famous’. In the past, the singer was eliminated from the dance competition because of I lived.

Vitão reflects

vitão, singer, ex-boyfriend of Luisa Sonza, in a recent interview commented on the haters who dominate the internet and attack it mercilessly, whether for their work or for their personal life. “Because the human being is this animal to be studied, which has a lot of hatred in its heart, many of us, [a internet] it ends up being a no man’s land. Especially at this time of difficulty in our country, I think that [os ataques] they end up taking us down a toxic and dangerous path”, he commented on the ‘MTVixe!’ “, on Brazilian MTV.

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