Luiza Ambiel is sick in the new reality of Record

Luiza Ambiel faced, according to her, “the most difficult reality of her life”. The eternal “Musa da Tuba do Gugu” is in the cast of “Famosos em Apuros”, a painting that will be shown on the program “Hora do Faro”, by Record, starting this Sunday (5). In one of the recordings, the actress was sick and had to be rescued by doctors in an ambulance.

The third test was the most difficult. We catch shrimp in the high seas. It went from one boat to another, with the sea rough. He pulled the net and came from everything, even snakes. Then my labyrinthitis started attacking, very strong heat, I was really sick. When I went from one boat to the other I didn’t see anything anymore, the cameraman held me, and I must have fallen, because my ass is all purple. I had to be seen on the beach by an ambulance.

In the reality show, Ambiel competes for a cash prize with two other famous people: Li Martins and Adriana Bombom. The ‘perrengue’ was guaranteed. “We were without lunch every day, eating only bread, sausage and marshmallow”, says the actress.

Fight between the famous

In addition to the difficulty of the tests, coexistence was not easy between the famous. O UOL discovered that the reality show will bring some ugly fights, especially between Luiza Ambiel and Li Martins.

The recordings took place in August, and the news goes on air to give a boost to Record’s programming, which will have to compete for an audience now with the new “Domingão com Huck”, commanded by Luciano Huck.