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Former president made two to cr
Former president made two criticisms of Bolsonaro’s management of the pandemic: ‘Splintering the country’ (Photo: YouTube/Reproduction)

Former president Lula exchanged cuddles with ex-BBBs Thelma Assis and Gil do Vigor this Wednesday night (1st/9th) during a live of the program “Triangulando”. For President Jair Bolsonaro (no party), the tone was critical. “This government is chipping away at the country,” he joked, referring to Gil’s well-known maple.

Led by Thelminha, organized by the production company Dia Estdio, the attraction also included the participation of singer Linn da Quebrada and activist Celso Athayde.

At the meeting, both Gil and the BBB 20 champion showed gratitude to the PT.

“I came from public school, today I am at the PHD. This would not be possible if, back there, someone had not understood the importance of bringing the poor to where they should be. So I am extremely passionate and grateful for President Lula’s government , who thought about who needed it,” said the Pernambuco native to the former president.

“In 2005, I received a letter. And it said that I had been awarded a 100% scholarship to attend a private medical school, PUC. I understand that it’s an obligation of the state, but there’s no way I can’t be grateful “, said the doctor from São Paulo.

Lula reciprocated the gestures, assuming his admiration for the participants of the global reality show. “I see our comrade Gil, I’m proud, because, Gil, the country isn’t splintered, this government is splintering the country. But graduate and come back here to help the policy of solidarity and fraternity,” asked the former -president.

“I’m the one who is gratified and thrilled to see people like you (Thelminha) and Gil get where you guys are,” he added.

“Everything got worse”

On the occasion, Lula made harsh accusations against the federal government. For the PT, Bolsonaro headed a “dismantling”.

“All they’ve done is throw away what we’ve built from 1943 until now.” “They brought down Dilma and everything got worse,” said the PT member.

The former president, finally, criticized the conduct of the pandemic by the current management.

“What happened in our country? First, the president denied the seriousness of the coronavirus. Then he started to prescribe medicine that had nothing to do with the coronavirus. Then, he started to gloat about those who wore masks. Then, about those who avoided crowding. In other words: he worked for two years, practically, against good (sanitary) customs,” he concluded.

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