Marcelinho receives tribute from Neto and gets emotional live

On the day of Corinthians’ 111th anniversary, Neto chose Marcelinho Carioca, the greatest idol in the history of Corinthians – according to the presenter – to be honored on TV Band’s “Os Donos da Bola”. The tributes brought ‘Pé de Anjo’ to tears during the attraction.

“You mentioned my father, then you break me,” said Marcelinho, moved. “My father was always on my side and he suffered. People would come to me and say: ‘I saw your father on Saturday there on that street, with his pumpkin-colored clothes and a broom, what was he doing?’ . People knew he was working, sweeping the street, but they wanted to execrate, scold, point fingers,” continued the former player.

“I used to play for Madureira, I came to my father and said: ‘I’m going to change the family’s history.’

Marcelinho Carioca also said that Neto was a reference in his career and mentioned two remarkable episodes in matches in which he faced the present presenter: two defeats by Flamengo – in which Marcelinho played – to Corinthians de Neto.

“When you talked about the Super Cup, you, Neto, are older than me. Me, Djalminha, Marquinhos, Paulo Nunes, we played together and saw you playing for Corinthians and scoring a direct goal. I was with Flamengo’s 10 in this final , playing from the wings. And there was a cross from the right and you scored the goal. You scored, it was ‘wide'”, recalled Marcelinho.

“Another move: I was on the bench with Djalminha and Marquinhos. Corinthians x Flamengo in Maracanã. 3-2 for Corinthians. Flamengo’s goalkeeper was Gilmar Rinaldi. I had just joined and had a long-distance foul for Corinthians. Corinthians, on the side. I always hit the foul, Djalminha too, and I commented to him: ‘Then you can’t kick’. And I got close to the ball and I told you, Neto: ‘Will you hit me? he replied: ‘Child, hold on.’ And he put a straw in the drawer. On Sunday, it was the goal of the round. It was a reference for us,” he concluded.