Marcelo de Carvalho speaks about busted enjoying sex with transsexual

Marcelo de Carvalho
Marcelo de Carvalho caused controversy with likes on social network (Image: Reproduction / RedeTV!)

THE TV network! spoke about a controversial like of the profile of Marcelo de Carvalho on twitter. On the social network, his page appears as if he had enjoyed a sex video with a transsexual.

To RD1, the spokesperson for the São Paulo station stated that the company’s partner’s account was hacked yesterday afternoon (30). “The steps have already been taken with the social network’s technical support”, said the channel.

In the comments of the post, users of the social network needled the businessman and even quoted Sikêra Jr, who has already been accused several times of homophobia for speaking on his program on RedeTV!.

“Oh, Marcelo de Carvalho, Sikêra won’t like this!”, commented a netizen. “Friend, where is the presence of the traditional Brazilian family, finally hypocrisy reigning, right?” said another.

Marcelo, it should be noted, has become known for being a staunch supporter of the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (no party), who has many positions criticized by the LGBTQIA+ community.

“Marcelão liked”, declared another Twitter user. “The mega-password vein is prominent”, observed another. “Guys, did he see this complete?”, asked an internet user.

This Tuesday (31), the shareholder of RedeTV! expressed annoyance at the strike announced by the station’s employees earlier this week. He lost his patience and attacked even Getúlio Vargas (1882-1954).

Vice-president of the São Paulo channel, the presenter criticized the union members responsible for the stoppage of his company.

“Unfortunate legacy of Getúlio Vargas, a handful of union members claiming to represent our thousands of employees declares a state of strike”, criticized on Twitter. “As everyone knows, broadcasters fired even national iconic artists in the pandemic. On the contrary, RedeTV did not fire anyone, it hired”, he stated.

Host of Mega Password, Marcelo de Carvalho highlighted that the station premiered programs and launched new formats and guaranteed:

“All employees are absolutely up to date with their salaries, evidenced by the fact that even the union couldn’t criticize it.”

“We will continue producing, and providing security for the vast majority of employees who continue to work, producing content, information, entertainment”, finished.

Luiz Fabio Almeida

Luiz Fábio Almeida is a journalist, multimedia producer and passionate about what happens on television. He is an editor and columnist for RD1. It is on social networks at @luizfabio_ca and can also be via email [email protected]