Marcos Mion shocks the public by bringing to light a secret involving Tiago Leifert: “Nobody knew”

James Leifert
Marcos Mion surprises the public by revealing a secret involving Tiago Leifert (Image: Reproduction – Instagram / Editing – RD1)

Marcos Mion surprised her Instagram followers at last tuesday (31) by bringing out a secret behind the scenes of his going to the Globe.

The presenter, who will make his debut as the new holder of the cauldron, told through a post that James Leifert played a fundamental role in his negotiation with the Rio station.

“Finally on the same team! I wanted to make this post because in recent years we have been placed, countless times, at opposite ends because of the realities we presented being the two largest in the country”, started the famous, which continued:

“What few people knew is that behind the scenes at WhatsAppZisticos we always cheer, admire and enjoy each other’s work. And what nobody knew is that, in these last INSANE months of my life, Tiago Leifert was one of the few aware of the movement of my coming to Globo. Giving me lots of touches, advice and good energy!”.

“Tiaguera!! I thank you with all my heart! Not only for the friendship before Globola, but also for acting after the dream came true and, for example, opening an agenda to be on my debut even with the column messed up!”, said yet.

Marcos ended the text saying he was happy for the partnership with the commander of the BBB: “These are gestures that strengthen a friendship! We’re together and it’s awesome to see you growing and BREAKING DOWN! See you in the Globeleza vignette, which is what’s missing for your Globola resume!”.

To illustrate the publication, the former contractor of record used some photos he took with Titi during the recording of the first Caldeirão.

Always in a good mood, Mionzera also showed that he put a photo of Tiago as his cell phone wallpaper: “THEdrag to see my new wallpaper [risos]”.

Leifert, by the way, when faced with the tribute, insisted and thanked. “You he really deserves this moment, and it was an honor to be part of his dream and help as much as I could. Ladies and Gentlemen, he has finally arrived”, reacted.

Check it out below:

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