Marcos Mion talks about ‘insane days’ at ‘Caldeirão’: ‘I’m really dazzled, living a dream of my professional life’

Marcos Mion has been waking up in the middle of the night as if he hadn’t slept. He can’t turn it off, he takes to his dream the scenario of “Caldeirão”, a program he’s running from this Saturday, and he often wakes up thinking: “How many points is the next round worth?”

“It’s been insane days. I always end up mentally exhausted – says the 42-year-old from São Paulo, after nearly 12 hours of recording. — I know you have to say “Estudios Globo”, but not in my turn. Let me say “Projac” a little bit (laughter).

Since the beginning of August, Mion has fulfilled his dream of attending (with an employee’s badge, as he insisted on showing on social networks) the Curicica facilities, when he was announced as Luciano Huck’s replacement on Saturday afternoons. He stays at the post until December (“The proposal already came like this”, he explains about the date) and, during this period, he promises to print a humorous mark on the time.

“People can expect fun, laughter, joy, high spirits, which I like to do. We came from a very painful period, of suffering. A conceptual objective of the program is to be part of this moment of resuming the smile — says Mion, who defines himself as a “talker show presenter”. ‘I’m one of the last remaining, perhaps. I’m very proud of it, because it was (the kind of) TV I grew up watching.

The personal reunion with the audience also marks the audience’s return to Estúdios Globo, since “Caldeirão” will be the first program to have spectators in loco, tested and vaccinated since the pandemic began. “The Masked Singer Brasil” was not recorded on the station’s premises in Rio.

—It’s still a small audience, but it gives a little taste. Not only me, but musical artists haven’t seen this for a long time — says he, who records in October a reality for Multishow.

pop since 2000

Who had contact with Mion’s gang was Tiago Leifeirt, one of the guests at the premiere in the painting “Sobe o Som”, a musical guessing dispute that has the participation of a band led by Lucio Mauro Filho. The presenter of “Big Brother Brasil” has been one of the Paulistano’s advisers since he left TV Record, in January, after a contract of almost ten years.

Marcos Mion in the painting 'Has or doesn't have' Photo: JOAO COTTA / TV Globo
Marcos Mion in the painting ‘Has or doesn’t have’ Photo: JOAO COTTA / TV Globo

—I thought his hiring by Globo was inevitable, it was just a matter of time and opportunity. That was something I said,” says Leifert. “And the fact is, he’s a pop presenter, in the best sense of the word.

Mion’s popularity dates back long before “The Farm” or “Legendarios” — two of his top shows on Record — or social media, where, on Instagram alone, he has 14.2 million followers and frantically produces content. It was even in the virtual environment that he made a kind of reality show of his arrival on TV Globo. For those who found the content “dazzled”, he confirms:

—I’m really dazzled, living a dream of my professional life. But it’s genuine.

His first job on TV came in the series “Sandy e Junior”, in 1999, but it was on “MTV” that he made fame among millennials, with the program “The worst clips in the world”, shown between 2000 and 2001. In front of a chroma key, he analyzed, or rather made fun of, the various clips of the station. In “Caldeirão”, the format will be repeated, now with the house’s collection, in the frame “That Globo shows”.

— When they showed me a chroma, it snapped that I could be in front of the clips. In philosophy, they say that if you have an original idea in life, it’s just going to be one. That was my original idea there,” says Mion.

The jokes made by the young man on MTV brought Supla into the spotlight. He became the “king” of the “Worst” with the video for “Green hair” even before entering the “House of Artists”. The duo was never friends, but the name of the two is inseparable for those who lived in the early 2000s.

—I sang to him: “I turn on the TV and see what? It’s one more comedian wanting to appear,” says Supla. —I think Mion is a tremendous professional and I see him as a great father.

Fight for inclusive laws

The mission of creating Romeu, 16 years old, Donatella, 12, and Stefano, 10, his children with Suzana Gullo, is something that has intensely impacted the artist’s communication, according to Geninho Simonetti, general director of “Caldeirão” — a artistic direction is by LP Simonetti. Geninho and Mion worked together at MTV, then at Record and met again after 12 years.

— He’s a very mature guy, who can play when he’s playing, but he can also talk very seriously, says Geninho.

Not everything is really a joke. Mion speaks passionately about the struggle for the inclusion of people with disabilities, a cause she has embraced since the birth of Romeo, a young man with autism spectrum disorder. And with indignation when he remembers the recent speech by the Minister of Education, Milton Ribeiro, that children with intellectual disabilities would hinder the learning of others when sharing the same classroom.

“This guy is irresponsible. The moment you become a person who has to represent the public interests and has no empathy, you are in the wrong place. He didn’t have to be there—criticizes.

Before the pandemic, Mion says he worked with the parent community to get two laws passed. One of them bears the name Romeo and entitles young people with the disorder of having an identification card. The other is for the Census to include the population count of autistic people in the country.

—The sad reality is that we don’t know how many autistic people there are in Brazil. It was an important victory. But what happened? They canceled the Census. We step forward and take two trips.