Marcos Mion updates mobile wallpaper with photo of Tiago Leifert | celebrities

Tiago Leifert and Marcos Mionreproduction

Posted 01/09/2021 19:40 | Updated 09/01/2021 7:41 PM

Rio – The new Globo presenter, Marcos Mion, spoke to Tiago Leifert this Tuesday (31) and paid tribute to his work friend on his social networks.

On his Instagram profile, the global shared records of the encounter for the recordings of “Caldeirão”, in addition to showing his friend as his new cell phone wallpaper. “Drag to see my new wallpaper… Finally on the same team! I wanted to make this post because in recent years we were placed, countless times, at opposite ends because the realities we presented were the two largest in the country. What few people knew is that behind the scenes at WhatsAppZisticos we always cheer, admire and enjoy each other’s work,” he wrote.

“And what nobody knew is that, in these last INSANE months of my life, @tiagoleifert was one of the few aware of the movement of my coming to Globo. Giving me lots of touches, advice and good energy! Tiaguêra!! heart! Not only for the friendship before Globola, but also for acting after the dream came true and, for example, opening the agenda to be on my debut even with a bad back! These are gestures that strengthen a friendship! you’re growing and BREAKING! We’ll see you in Globeleza’s vignette, which is what’s missing for your Globola resume!”, he finished.