Marrone reveals fantasy phobia of The Masked Singer and detonates juror after elimination: “No shame”

On the night of Tuesday, 31, Marrone left the judges of ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’ stunned by removing his costume on the program’s stage. In short, like the other former participants of the attraction, he was at the ‘Encounter’ this morning, and gave details about his participation on the reality show.

At first, Bruno’s colleague made it clear that he wore a sweatshirt that read “don’t talk to me” to prevent his identity from being revealed. By the way, talking about the country duo, the singer made it clear that he didn’t even tell his friend about his being in the game.

However, those who think that it was easy to use the Boi-Bumbá costume in ‘The Masked Singer’ are mistaken. Honestly, Marrone explained that he even had a phobia about the hot, stuffy outfit. “It was very hot inside, it ended up giving me a little phobia, I ended up asking to go back there for a while. And the cat was sick, ok? She had to take a breath and then came back,” he said.

“They invited me to participate because I do the second voice and it would be more difficult to identify. the sidney magal [primeiro eliminado], I think he tried to hide a little, disguise a little in his voice”, observed the country singer.

Friendship with jurors

In ‘The Masked Singer Brazil Chat’, after leaving the competition, Marrone explained that he did not expect to leave the reality show so soon. In fact, he didn’t do well in his battle, but he believed that through friendship with the jurors, he could go further.

“Simone’s shameless one got it right. We are moved by the situation of someone recognizing us, as Simone recognized me. So, because she recognized me, I thought she was going to let me stay. She will give me a chance. Also the ‘viadão’ of Edu [Sterblitch], who is my friend, you know? [Pensei:] these two shameless will let me stay on the show. Simone we are really friends”, said the singer.