Marrone talks about his participation in ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’: ”Unique experience”

Marrone was unmasked fourth in the competition last Tuesday night, 31

the country singer brown (56), from the sertaneja duo with Bruno (52) was the fourth unmasked of ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’, a program aired by Rede Globo, every Tuesday night.

After all the repercussion of his participation, the musician spoke a little about the experience of participating in the program. “It was a totally different experience from anything I’ve done in my life. I’ve already done some things with Bruno, right? Now, solo I had never done anything. For me it’s a unique experience, the songs I’ve sung I’ve always loved, but I’d never imagine I’d be invited to do a show like that. I felt very happy to be able to participate. It was and always will be a great honor to have participated in ‘The Masked Singer Brasil’. I’m very happy. If there is another program like this, it will be a pleasure to be there again”, told Gshow.

Costumed and with no idea who is in the competition, Marrone revealed that he had a guardian who mediated his conversations backstage. “I almost didn’t meet the other participants and everyone always wore their clothes with the words ‘Don’t talk to me’. I saw people, but I didn’t know who was behind the mask. My guardian who intermediated conversations with the production”, he explained.

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The only juror who got the singer’s name right was Simone Mendes (37), of the duo with Simaria. According to Marrone, the reason for the discovery was the friendship that exists between them: “Simone and Edu are my friends, I knew them before. They identified more because they know me a lot. Simone is really a great detective, it seems she knows how to read and identify the personalities that are behind the mask”, praised.

The musician also told a little about the reaction of his friends after being discovered on the global program: “Some people had already sent me on Instagram, but I couldn’t speak, right? Yesterday at Gshow they showed me some artists who were already thinking it was me. They identified my character very well. But that’s part of the game. well, I loved participating. It was all really cool”, guaranteed.

At the end of the interview, Marrone gave a hunch of an artist who might be among the masked ones: “I have some hunches from Girassol and Gata Espelhada. But it’s very difficult. I think Lázaro Ramos may be there masked”, ended. It is worth pointing out that Lazarus Ramos (42) is the husband of one of the jurors, the Taís Araújo (42).

Ivete Sangalo honors Marrone after The Masked Singer Brasil

Ivete Sangalo (49), presenter of The Masked Singer Brasil, used social media to honor the singer. “I never get tired of saying how special this program is and the delight of the lightness it brings us! @brown my beloved, this game is nice because we have you! Gratitude for your voice. Thank you for bringing us your talent and affection. “boi -bumbá” !!!!!”, she wrote.

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