Massa recalls Raikkonen’s ‘joking’ with Schumacher

Kimi Raikkonen announced the retirement of Formula 1 at the end of the current season and leaves the sport with a victorious career, world title by Ferrari in 2007 and several unforgettable moments, not only for his quality as a pilot but also for his irreverence, unusual radios and funny situations.

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Known as ‘Ice Man’, for his seriousness, just a few were enough drinks for the closed pilot to become a “talking machine”. Philip Pasta, who was the Finn’s teammate in Maranello, told in an exclusive interview with in 2020 about “the two faces” of Raikkonen and recalled a story with Michael Schumacher.

Daily life at Ferrari

“Actually, Kimi is really a very strange guy, one of the strangest guys I’ve met in my life. As he sees it: he would go into the morning meeting with the engineers and the good morning was nodding, but he would work. He would say what he thought. necessary, in fact there were few things he felt needed to be said.”

“He was a very fair guy, who didn’t have this thing of ‘I want it, it’s for me, it has to be this way.’ I had a very good professional relationship with him, we handle any kind of situation with the team well, in the sense of ‘it’s like that and let’s move on’. So he’s always been a very honest guy in that sense.”

After two glasses…

“Now, when he had two glasses of something, he couldn’t stop talking. Totally the opposite of what you lived every day, of him talking little, not having good morning or good afternoon, bye or whatever, but if he drank two glasses hugs you and you had to stop him to be able to speak.”

“It’s happened several times that after a race we meet at a party and he sticks to you, tell a story and talk, talk and talk. He’s like that, a very strange guy, you can’t understand the reaction he’s going to have . Only when you take something, then you can.”

Joking with Schumacher

“At a Ferrari event in Madonna di Campiglio in 2008, there was a history with Schumacher. He was champion in 2007, so he was the guy there at the beginning of the year. We had the events during the day, we went skiing, talk to the press… each day something different. In the evening, we would go to a restaurant on the mountain to have dinner with all the journalists and people who were part of the event.”

“At this dinner, he arrived a little happy, then he started to drink… at one point Schumacher was at the same table together, but on the other side, wearing leather pants and a buckle that he always wore.”

“Kimi got past the point, couldn’t stand it and started to want to screw with Michael. Suddenly he started calling him Texas rangers (Texas agency from the United States, with characteristic cowboy clothes) and at first he wasn’t enjoying it, but he knew it was useless because the Raikkonen had passed the point, so he started pretending it wasn’t with him. People went to give Kimi a nudge, but he continued: ‘Texas Rangers! Texas Rangers!’ At one point Schumacher started to laugh, but he didn’t like it very much.”

Kimi ‘behaved’

“I think he relaxed with his children. He smiles more and is more relaxed than before, even without drinking. He is very familiar, I remember once there was a race in Austria and he was with his little boy, who started playing with mine. It was Kimi who was taking care of him, alone. No doubt he’s very close to the family.”

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