Matheus Pereira is thrilled with chances and talks about appointments to leave Cruzeiro

(Photo: Gustavo Aleixo/Cruzeiro)

The opportunity arose, and Matheus Pereira took it. Starter of the left flank in the last three games at Cruzeiro, the 20-year-old received many praise from the coach Vanderlei Luxembourg. This Wednesday, he showed gratitude at a press conference at Toca da Raposa II.

“Professor Luxemburgo, in the history of his career, always put the boys to play, without fear. It was no different here. He’s been giving me opportunities, to Thiago (striker), Adriano (wheel) and we’ve been making the best of it . I hope, more and more, to take advantage of the opportunities”, designed the shirt 6.

Before the arrival of Luxembourg and even at the beginning of the coach’s third spell at the cruise, Matheus Pereira was passed over from the starting lineup. He lost his position to Jean Victor, signed from Boavista, from Rio de Janeiro, at the end of June.
The youngster from Cruzeiro, considered internally as one of the main assets of the cast, even received consultations to leave Toca da Raposa II. In May, to supersports, his agent, Fernando Britto, revealed that Internacional was watching the left-back. On Wednesday, Matheus confirmed recent consultations to transfer from the club.
“I believe that ups and downs are normal in the professional athlete’s life. When we are bad, we need to go back as soon as possible to play well, train well. About the negotiations, there were surveys, negotiations, but my mind was totally focused on Cruzeiro . I worked hard for when the opportunity came up again,” he pointed out.

Matheus Pereira has a contract with Cruzeiro until the second half of 2023. A study contracted by the club recently pointed out that the player’s market value is around R$6.2 million.