MCom denies having expressed concern about the sale of Oi Móvel

The Ministry of Communications released a statement on Wednesday, 1st, in which it responds to the report published by the newspaper Folha de S.Paulo. According to the vehicle, Pasta would have expressed concerns about the market concentration resulting from the sale of Oi Móvel to rival trio Claro, TIM and Vivo. The sale is under analysis by Cade and Anatel.


According to the ministry, Folha’s report is based on an exchange of internal communications from the ministry, which are protocols, and which attribute the ability to judge the case to Cade and Anatel, without any value judgment. The exchange of communications was intended to respond to congressman Elias Vaz (PSB-GO), who sent questions to the MCom on the matter.

The ministry also says that “it is common for Anatel to send requests for information or measures forwarded by parliamentarians to this Ministry when it comes to a matter within the competence of that Agency, in order to consolidate the information necessary to meet the parliamentary demand, which does not represent the seal of the Deputy’s request for this Folder”.

He further states that “the referral, in the specific case, took place on July 20, two days before the analysis of the Federal Deputy’s claim by this Ministry, which reinforces that the referral was only for the collection of information to respond to the congressman. ”.

Finally, he says that the matter “is not supported by the process in which the documents were written because the matter was not even analyzed by this Folder”.