Meteorologist dog invades live weather forecast in newspaper, and video goes viral; watch

Such an interruption can’t even get mad! The viewers of the nightly news Global News Toronto, from Canada, were surprised this Saturday (28) not because of the weather forecast, but because of the appearance – very, very cute – of a dog in the middle of the news.

While meteorologist Anthony Farnell informed the population what the temperature would be in the next few days, he was interrupted by his furry friend, Storm – storm, in free translation. “Yes, Storm is in the area, getting some goodies and stealing the show.”, Farnell joked about the little dog, who stayed by his side the entire time.

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The video that went viral on YouTube, has more than 200,000 views, and features the mini goldendoodle, walking back and forth, asking for affection and snacks in the studio, while the journalist broadcasts the news and tries his best not to laugh at the whole situation . Despite the unusual moment, viewers loved it.

“What a good dog. It doesn’t really interrupt it, it just watches its owner and looks around“, wrote a fan. Another internet user exclaimed that he wanted his pet to be so well behaved: “How cute. And so polite! My furry one would be whining and barking for more treats.” Check the moment:

However, whoever thinks that this was the first time that Storm hacked the weather forecast, is very wrong. In 2012, the puppy appeared for the first time with Farnell on the TV news. He’s so famous that he even has his own Instagram and was on the cover of the canine magazine Pawsh Magazine in 2019.

The weather forecast is of sunshine and cute flutters (Photo: Reproduction/Youtube)

“I had already taken my new puppy to work once and, believe it or not, Global News viewers helped me pick the Storm name thanks to an online poll. Very cute, but what happened the next month is what really made him a GLOBAL sensation.”, explained the journalist.

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The professional then recalled the first time the canine accidentally appeared in the local newspaper: “I was focused on my weather maps and assumed he wasn’t showing up. A few minutes later, I looked at the TV monitor in front of me and there was Storm, lifting her head from under the news table next to the anchor during our live broadcast.”

Now, the dog has become a figure stamped on the news and the people who run the program even joked about the video caption: “You can watch Anthony, Storm and the rest of the Global Toronto team on weekdays at 5:30 am and 6:00 am EDT”.