MG closes siege to those who did not take the 2nd dose of the Covid vaccine – 02/09/2021 – Balance and Health

City halls in the main cities of Minas Gerais have been laying siege to those who did not take the second dose of the Covid-19 vaccine and, to attract young people for the first dose of the immunizing agent, the municipalities even use a rock concert — without crowding — within a “upset” .

According to data from the State Department of Health, nearly 600,000 people living in Minas Gerais have not yet registered the second dose launched in the Ministry of Health’s system (see how immunization is doing in Brazil as a whole and in the states).

Of the 586,168 who are not yet listed as vaccinated with the second dose, 172,435 need to receive CoronaVac and 413,733 are outside the recommended schedule for the AstraZeneca immunizer.

To mitigate the problem, the secretariat claims to recommend that the health teams of the municipalities make an active search for those missing, “especially for primary care, through community health workers, who carry out direct contact with each vaccinated person”, informs the folder, in note.

The lack of registration of the second dose for so many miners can occur for two reasons. The person did not attend the health center to take the second dose or the launch of the procedure in the federal government system has not yet been done by the city halls, which are responsible for the registration.

With approximately 3,000 people late to take the second dose, the Municipality of Contagem, in Greater Belo Horizonte, adopted the “viradão” format to speed up immunization in the city, which is starting to vaccinate people over 18 years of age.

The strategy prioritizes the younger audience. From 3:00 pm on Friday (27) to 4:00 pm on Saturday (28), the municipal administration organized the application of vaccines in the midst of cultural presentations in the parking lot of a shopping mall.

“Adding the health centers, which opened on Friday morning, we accounted for 32 hours of uninterrupted vaccination”, says the municipal health secretary, Fabrício Simões, who performed during the “viradão” with his rock’n roll band .

“But it was all uncrowded. People could only follow the show while waiting in line to be vaccinated,” he says.

During the “viradão”, 31,879 people were immunized, most of them young people, according to the secretary. During the event, there was also a program of theater and dance performances.

In Belo Horizonte, which began on Tuesday the vaccination for those over 20 years old, the strategy, at least for now, is to set up a siege to the elderly who have not yet taken the second dose of the vaccine.

In the capital of Minas Gerais, 37,000 have not yet gone to the vaccination points to complete the cycle. Of the total, 25,000 would have to receive CoronaVac and 12,000 AstraZeneca. There is still no survey of those who stopped receiving the second dose of Pfizer.

The alleged reasons for the non-attendance are several, explains the director of Health Promotion and Epidemiological Surveillance of the city hall, Paulo Roberto Lopes, based on information collected by employees of the city’s public health system.

“It involves fear about side effects, there are those who believe that one dose is immunized, forgetting and fake news saying that there is a chip in the vaccine”, says the representative of the city.

To reduce the number of “runaways” of the second dose of the vaccine, the city makes a strict appointment between those who go to health services for other procedures. The “hunting” also takes place through the Family Health program, which covers 80% of the city’s territory.

When arriving, for example, for an appointment at a health center, the patient has his/her vaccination record checked. If the second dose against Covid-19 is not registered, he is advised to take the immunizing agent and, if he agrees, he is then forwarded to a specific room for this.

If the immunizing agent is not available at the clinic, the patient is instructed to go to another place that has the vaccine. Regarding the Family Health program, which sends professionals for home care, the procedure is similar. A consultation is made to the vaccine records of the registered. If the second dose is missing, the professional alerts the resident.

In both cases, however, the strategies are valid for the population that attends health centers for consultations and other assistance and that is part of the community health program. According to Lopes, in relation to the richest layers in the city, the attempt to raise awareness for the second dose occurs via the press and also with the use of agents from the zoonoses team, who circulate throughout the city.

Contact is often made over the intercoms of houses and apartments. “There is an attempt to raise awareness at all points of contact with citizens,” says Lopes.

A path similar to the one in the capital follows the city of Betim, city, as well as Contagem, located in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte. In the city, 6,730 people have not yet attended the vaccination posts for the second dose.

The city directed the posts to call those who have the cycle against Covid-19 late. Community health workers were also included in the search. They visit the homes of those who have not yet received the second dose, in an attempt to make people aware.

The municipality began vaccinating this Tuesday (31) the population over 19 years old. To attract younger people, the city government informs that it has created a specific advertisement on social networks as soon as the vaccination campaign reached the age group of 30 years.