Michel Teló is replaced by Cláudia Leitte and takes on a new role in The Voice

The new season of The Voice Brazil will arrive with great news on the TV Globo screen. For the first time since the format’s debut here, in 2012, the musical competition presented by Tiago Leifert will have five members on the technical jury, instead of the traditional quartet.

According to the TV News portal, the singer Claudia Leitte was selected to occupy the fifth place, retaking her chain in the program as of October 26, when the tenth edition debuts. She had already held the function between 2012 and 2016, in addition to having participated in the The Voice Kids and The Voice +.

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As a matter of fact, ‘officially’ the judges are still only four, with Claudinha occupying the seat that, until last season, was Michel Telo. Thaís Fersoza’s husband, however, will continue to participate in the competition, as a sort of ‘hidden technician’ for the program.

It will be up to him to welcome the participants who are rejected in blind auditions and also in the battle phases, giving such participants a second chance in the dispute. It will only be revealed at a certain point in the show, in order to bring in a fifth team to compete with the rest.

Globo’s desire to renew the The Voice comes from the drop in audience that the children’s version of the attraction, the The Voice Kids, has been suffering throughout the current season. Until mid-August, the current edition accumulated a partial average of 11.9 points – the negative record for the format in Brazil.