Midfielder does not excite Renato and Braz have support to accept a proposal in search of an agreement

Flamengo has a great cast and the fans got even more excited with the arrival of reinforcements. The icing on the cake is still missing, which could be David Luiz: the defender has been free on the market since Arsenal’s departure and his representatives evaluate proposals before hammering out the player’s future.

The Flemish leaders also need to resolve other questions related to the club’s football. Surprisingly, the board received news that the midfielder Hugo Moura must leave Lugano, Switzerland. The Brazilian coach, Abel Braga, was fired last Wednesday (1st) and things at the European club are changing drastically.

Lugano is going through a reformulation in the administrative part and mainly in the folder of football. With that, even without having played at least one game, Hugo Moura is out of the team’s plans. Now, the Europeans are trying to find the best way to return the player to Flamengo.

The vice president of Flamengo football, Marcos Braz, has already been informed about the matter and is awaiting an official statement from the Swiss club. However, it is almost certain that the boy from the Vulture’s Nest will not have a chance at Mais Querido. For the position, there are already many athletes and the player would be the last ‘in line’ of options. Thus, the tendency is for the athlete to be traded with another club.

Renato Augusto is happy with the cast, especially in the position of midfield. Today, Aaron is the starter and the others run outside. Thus, Hugo Souza knows that the best thing for his career is to continue looking for space elsewhere.

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