Mo Phantom Attack: Brazilian malware controls and steals data from Android phones

Unfortunately, digital scams are becoming more and more advanced as the Correios had its domain used by cybercriminals. Today’s threat targets Android phones to steal victims’ personal data as well as money. Learn all about the Phantom Hand Attack that is already present even outside Brazil.

Named as Ghost Hand Attack (Ghost Hand Attack) the malware was created by Brazilian hackers in 2019 and has now re-emerged with some modifications, even disguising itself as a reliable application on the Google Play Store that has already had more than 40 thousand installations.

Ghost Hand Attack allows hackers to access mobile data and even redirect the user to fake pages, fake app screens to track and obtain passwords mainly targeting banking apps. One of the main signs of infection is apps, websites and notifications popping up from the device.

The infection occurs through emails and notifications warning of fake application and system updates. The plague was reported today at Kaspersky’s [email protected] 2021 Forum.

Once installed in the system, the malware manages to control the entire device by hiding and making its removal difficult, which is often only possible with a competent antivirus or device reset, which erases all personal content from the smartphone.

One of the versions of Ghost Hand even collects data about user behavior as a form of spying without the cell phone owner noticing. This data is sent to a server and resold to companies that use it to send advertisements based on the interest of these people.

Finally, the only way to stay safe is to always check the developer before downloading an app on Google Play, keep your phone’s security updates up to date, always checking your Android’s Settings app if there’s a new version available. manufacturers only provide updates this way by default.