money for raise is not yet guaranteed

The President of the Senate, Rodrigo Pacheco (DEM-MG) had a meeting with the Minister of the Supreme Court (STF), Liz Fux this Tuesday (31). On the agenda was the issue of the subdivision of court orders. This issue, by the way, is crucial for the future of Bolsa Família in Brazil. At least that’s what the Federal Government is saying.

According to backstage information, members of the Palácio do Planalto did not like the outcome of this meeting. According to press reports, everything ended up without much definition and now it is not possible to know if it will continue to be able to count on the judiciary to solve this problem in question.

According to the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, the increase in the average value of the Bolsa Família depends on the payment of precatórios. So if they don’t get this permission, it will be more difficult to raise the levels of Auxílio Brasil payments. The idea, by the way, is that the program enters the scene from next November.

The Federal Government’s initial objective was to send a PEC on the subject to the National Congress. It so happens that several parliamentarians are putting pressure on this text. They also claim that the Planalto Palace would be wanting to apply a kind of default. Therefore, given this scenario, the executive branch decided to appeal to the judiciary.

So they were betting everything on this meeting of Pacheco with Fux. The problem is that the STF Minister said that this whole situation is complex, and that other magistrates of the Court do not like this idea of ​​installments at all. Some even argue that whoever has to approve or disapprove this is the National Congress.

Money for Bolsa Família

For this set of reasons, there is a lot of concern about the issue of Bolsa Família payments at the moment. The understanding is that the Federal Government has the money to erase the benefit, but not to fund the increase yet.

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This Tuesday (31), the executive branch sent to the National Congress the budget planning for the year 2022. And it does not contain any increase in spending on the new Bolsa Família.

Anyway, that doesn’t mean they still can’t increase the benefit amounts. It just means that they still don’t have a concrete forecast of an increase. And the time for payments to start is approaching.

April PEC

This is not, however, the first time that the Government has needed third-party approval to pay a benefit. In fact, this happened in the last month of March, when they wanted to approve the Emergency PEC.

At the time, the Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, said that Planalto Palace would only pay for the resumption of Emergency Aid if the National Congress approved this text. All that ended up causing a great controversy.

Anyway, the Minister ended up getting what he wanted. The Government managed to approve the PEC in Congress in two rounds in the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies. Now just wait and see if he can do it.

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