More streaming! SKY grants access to DirecTV Go free of charge for customers

SKY Pay TV customers can now access DirecTV Go for free. The IPTV platform has been updated and allows the operator’s users to watch live channels and content on demand at no additional cost, and comes as an alternative to SKY Play.

SKY is apparently seeking to make a tradition of exclusive access, even for a fixed period of time, to channels and services without any additions to customer subscription fees.

During August, a list of assorted channels, ranging from sports to movies, were on open air. In addition, a partnership with Vivo made Comedy Central available to Pay TV subscribers.

The partnership between SKY and DirecTV Go is not a big surprise: both companies belong to Vrio, the former pay TV division of AT&T that was recently sold to the Argentine group Werthein.

The IPTV service is one of the aspects of the conglomerate not to lose its relevance, since the pay TV sector has lost millions of customers each year. In Brazil, the segment lost more than 1 million users in just one year.

Anyway, DirecTV Go is now another option for SKY’s customers to watch TV via streaming. The operator will continue to maintain the SKY Play application, which also broadcasts paid channels and has a collection of movies, series and other programs on demand.

Remember that DirecTV Go went through a price increase recently. At the moment, the service is sold separately for R$69.90 per month or R$699 per year. The plan gives rights to around 70 channels, including Globo, Disney, WarnerMedia, Discovery, Paramount, among others.

Are you a SKY or DirecTV Go subscriber? What did you think of this partnership?