Mother finds 2-year-old son dead with note at his side when he arrives home in Paraguay | Mato Grosso do Sul

A woman found her 2-year-old son dead when she got home early on Wednesday (1st) in Pedro Juan Caballero, a Paraguayan city that borders Ponta Porã in Mato Grosso. The child’s brother, a 14-year-old teenager, who took care of the little one, was not at the place and was found only this Thursday morning (2).

According to information from the Paraguayan police to the country’s press, the mother left home early in the morning to work and left her youngest son in the care of the teenager. When she returned home, she found her youngest son dead.

Beside the corpse was a handwritten note on a notebook sheet, in Spanish. In Portuguese, the message was: “I’m sorry. Your son saw what he shouldn’t and we’re with your older son.”

According to forensic doctor Marcos Prieto, who performed the first analysis on the body, the baby was killed by suffocation or suffocation. No injuries to the body or signs of sexual violence were found.

Responsible for the investigation, public prosecutor Reinalda Palacios Jara told the Paraguayan press that the initial suspicion is that the death was accidental, during a game between the brothers. “The strongest hypothesis is that they were playing and the boy accidentally suffocated.”

According to the prosecutor, the teenager “is in shock, scared” and is being heard by a psychologist and social worker. Asked about the note found beside the body, Reinalda said that the boy didn’t mention anything and that, “because he’s a teenager, you can’t ask everything.”