Motoboy says he took out up to R$ 430,000 a day to pay slips, but he denies knowing Roberto Dias

Motoboy says he took out up to R$ 430,000 a day to pay slips, but he denies knowing Roberto Dias

Photo: Adriano Machado/Crusoé

VTCLog’s motorcycle courier Ivanildo Gonçalves confirmed throughout today’s session of Covid’s CPI that made several withdrawals on behalf of the company to “payment of slips”. In a single day, according to the motoboy himself, he reached BRL 430 thousand.

The suspicion of the CPI is that VTCLog paid bribes to “political agents” and parliamentarians through the costing invoices and bills — in a similar scheme to “cracks” of the Legislative Assembly of Rio de Janeiro, which involves senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Patriota-RJ).

According to the CPI rapporteur, Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL), Ivanildo drew R$ 3.1 million from a single agency, of the R$ 4.7 million handled by it.

According to the senators, one of the beneficiaries of the VTCLog scheme would be the former logistics director of the Ministry of Health Roberto Dias, manager of the logistics contract signed between the folder and the company. Despite this, during his testimony, Ivanildo denied knowing the former director of the folder.

“I heard about him after the CPI”, stated.

Ivanildo stated that he paid bills from Voetur, a tourism company linked to VTCLog, bills for company directors credit card and fuel bills. The payment order, according to him, came from an employee in the financial sector called Zenaide de Sá Reis. The highest invoices paid by the motoboy reached R$ 30 thousand.

“The only thing I did on paper was to pay slips; sometimes I deposited, when they asked me: ‘look, deposit this money’. But I haven’t arrived yet, so hand over money to anyone”, said the motorcycle courier.

Asked if he knew the beneficiaries of bank slips, Ivanildo said that did not observe this detail of the invoices. “Look, if it was the same people, I don’t remember, but from the moment I took out money, there were values ​​that I took, and paid the invoices”, stated.

Ivanildo also stated that “walked often” in the Ministry of Health, but was unable to inform the people to whom he delivered VTCLog orders. “Look, when I was delivering an invoice, I was constantly in the Ministry of Health. I didn’t know anyone. I went to rooms to deliver invoices, in sectors and sectors”, said the motorcycle courier.

He also stated that, in 2021, he delivered a pen drive on the fourth floor of the Ministry of Health, where the folder’s logistics directorate works. He was unable to inform the person’s name to whoever delivered the object. Records from the Ministry of Health’s ordinance show that the motorcycle courier was, in 2020, twice in the sector: on July 12th and December 7th.

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