Nathan doesn’t even have to fight in the final and is the first champion of parataekwondo – 02/09/2021

Nathan Torquato is the first Brazilian champion of the Paralympic version of taekwondo, the parataekdonwo, in the 61 kg category. The Brazilian didn’t even have to fight in the final, because the Egyptian Mohamed Elzayat, his rival in the decision, left the semifinal on a stretcher and had no medical approval to dispute the gold. Already aware of this situation, Nathan already celebrated the gold two hours before the scheduled time for the duel.

On the Instagram of the Brazilian Taekwondo Confederation, a member of the technical committee explained in a video that, according to the rules of the sport, an athlete who was kicked in the face does not return, for safety, for the next fight.

Taekwondo makes its debut on the Paralympic Games program and, like wheelchair fencing and weightlifting, has no image generation by IOS, the “Olympic” company responsible for broadcasting both the Olympics and the Paralympics.

After Nathan qualified for the semifinals by beating Italian Antonino Bossolo, he was left waiting for the classification of Russian Daniil Sodorov to be his opponent. Sorodov ran over the Egyptian Elzayat, winning 24 to 8, when he landed a shot in the face of his rival. The coup is prohibited in Paralympic taekwondo and the Russian was eliminated, with the African rival qualifying for the final, without, however, being able to fight.

With Nathan’s gold, Brazil won its 19th gold medal at the Tokyo Paralympics. As today is the first day of disputes in the debut of parataekwondo in the Paralympic Games program, this is also Brazil’s first medal in this sport.

The modality is disputed by athletes with bilateral amputation of the elbow to the hand joint, unilateral dysmelia, monoplegia, mild hemiplegia and size difference in the lower limbs. In Nathan’s case, he was born with a malformation in his left arm, in Praia Grande, on the coast of São Paulo.