New Bolsa Família will pay the same as before?

There is still no definition of the amount to be paid for the new Auxílio Brasil, which will replace Bolsa Família. But the provisional measure (MP) that created the program determines that the same payment between the two benefits is guaranteed.

Whoever starts to receive less than Bolsa Família will receive the compensatory transition benefit. Read below what is known so far about its operation and who has the right and who is not.

What is the Transition Benefit?

It is an amount that will be paid to the families who will lose money with the change from Bolsa Família to Auxílio Brasil.

How does the offsetting benefit work?

The provisional measure determines that the payment is equal to what was not received.

Example: if a family earns BRL 200 from Bolsa Família, and is entitled to only BRL 100, including all the benefits that are part of Auxílio Brasil, it is entitled to the compensatory transition benefit and should receive another BRL 100 to complete the amount you received before.

Who will not be entitled to the benefit?

According to the government, only families that have a reduction in the number of members (due to someone’s death, children who left home, etc.) will not receive the compensatory benefit.

Will the benefit amount always be the same?

In the Auxílio Brasil rules detailed in the MP, no. The amounts can be gradually reduced, and even ended, if the social programs linked to the new Bolsa Família start to pay the same amounts that were previously given.

Thus, a family will be entitled to the compensatory benefit until the amount received at the time of Bolsa Família is recomposed by other social programs, if this is possible.

Another way to reduce or increase the value of the transition benefit is through data review, also provided for in the provisional measure.

Auxílio Brasil will consist of three main benefits: early childhood (for families with children between zero and 36 months); family composition (for families with pregnant women or people aged between 3 and 21 years old) and overcoming extreme poverty (families with a monthly income of up to R$89 per person).

How long will the compensatory benefit be paid?

There is no set limit.

The text of the program only explains that the benefit will be terminated if the family fails to meet the requirements to be part of Auxílio Brasil.

When does the compensatory benefit start to be paid?

According to the text of the MP, in the month of implementation of Auxílio Brasil, estimated for November.

The amount received by the family in July (the month before the publication of the MP do Auxílio Brasil) will be used as a parameter to know if the family will receive the compensatory benefit.