New Free Market subscription brings Star+ and Disney+ for free

This Tuesday (31) Mercado Livre and Mercado Pago announced the signing of the highest level in their loyalty program, Mercado Points. Previously exclusive to frequent service customers, those who purchase the subscription will receive program benefits, including access to Disney+ and Star+ free of charge.

The subscription fee is directly proportional to the level at which the person is in the Ponto Mercado, with a minimum value of BRL 13.90, if you are at level 5, and with a maximum value of BRL 41.70, for anyone who is at level 1. In addition to access to streaming services, subscribers will be able to enjoy other advantages on the platform, such as better freight and product offers, in addition to exclusive discounts with Mercado Pago.

(Source: Mercado Livre/Reproduction)(Source: Mercado Livre/Reproduction)Source: Free Market

According to Fernando Yunes, senior vice president and leader of Mercado Livre in Brazil, the company seeks to offer its users a differentiated proposal, with exclusive benefits and the best content, at a single price. “For us, it’s essential that users not only have access to new online buying and selling alternatives, but also a comprehensive ecosystem with unique benefits,” said Yunes.

Those who are already at Level 6 of the program will be able to access streaming services at no additional cost. Other benefits will also be made available, such as a 45% discount on shipping products below R$79 and exclusive discounts with Mercado Pago. The program even offers up to 50% off the price of subscriptions to HBO Max, Deezer and Paramount+. Check out all the benefits on this link.