New Marvel game gets gameplay trailer

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During the GamesCom 2021, fans of Marvel were surprised with an amazing trailer of Midnight Suns, a new game with famous and mystical characters from the publisher. Now a trailer for gameplay was released, showing more details of the story and mechanics present in the game.

Midnight Suns it will be a Tactical RPG that will reward strategic positioning, synergy between allies and a good use of the scenario to match your skills. Each turn a deck of random cards will appear, showing you what powers and actions you can use at that moment, increasing the possibilities and fun.

Lilith, the mother of demons, will be the great villain of the game!

As for the story, the trailer reveals that everything revolves around the powerful Lilith, the mother of demons, who was resurrected by HYDRA in a joint work of magic with technology. The mighty entity is now set free and trying to bring Chthon, the fearsome god of Chaos, to Earth.

To stop her heroes like Doctor Strange, Wolverine, Blade, Captain Marvel, Magic, Nico Minoru, Ghost Rider and Iron Man need to wake up Hunter (Hunter or Huntress), the character fully customizable by the player, the only known force that has ever been able to defeat the villain.

Another point highlighted in the trailer is the possibility to explore RPG dynamics when interacting with heroes outside of battles, creating bonds that will result in more powerful abilities, in addition to developing good stories. It is also possible to train with them and improve artifacts and items.

Check out the trailer below:

Midnight Suns will be available for PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC in March 2022.

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