New minimum wage in 2022 will not have real increase, predicts Government

The Federal Government sent the budget proposal for the year 2022 to the National Congress. In this document, Planalto disclosed its idea of ​​the minimum wage for next year. It will be R$1,169. Today, still according to the executive branch, this level is R$ 1100. So we would therefore have an increase of 6.27%.

According to economic analysts, this is not a real increase. It means to say, therefore, that the Government was based only on the National Consumer Price Index (INPC) to arrive at this number. They are looking only at the issue of inflation to outline a strategy for the minimum wage for the next year. At least that’s what is known.

What does all this mean in practice? It means stating that the worker will not feel this increase on a daily basis. This is because it is understood that while the Government is going to raise wages, products will also rise in price in the same proportion. So, it will give you a certain feeling that nothing has changed.

In practice, the Government’s objective is only to ensure that Brazilians do not lose their purchasing power. So everything that citizens can buy today, they will be able to buy next year. No more, no less. That’s because the salary rose just so that this individual can keep up with the growth in product prices.

In theory, this number of R$ 1169 is not closed yet. Everything can change at any time. As stated, the Federal Government sent only a budget proposal. Anyway, analysts believe that the executive branch is unlikely to place an increase in the real on this income in the coming months. This has not happened in previous years.


The news of the minimum wage without a real increase for 2022 ended up causing some indignation on social networks. Mainly because this announcement takes place at a time of worsening cost of living in Brazil.

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This Wednesday (31), for example, the Federal Government announced an increase in the values ​​of the electricity bill. In addition, people are complaining a lot about gas canister prices in all regions of the country.

Not to mention the food price complaints. Those who usually go to the supermarket to shop are returning home with fewer products than they used to buy in previous years.

in addition to salaries

According to members of the Federal Government, the biggest bet at the moment goes beyond salaries: the Palácio do Planalto wants to invest heavily in aid for the needy population in Brazil at this time.

Among other things, the Federal Government wants to invest in the creation of the new Bolsa Família. The project should serve something around 17 million people from next November. At least that’s the idea.

In addition to him, the Federal Government must also announce other social programs through its new Ministry of Labor. However, there is still not much to know about these new projects.

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