New postponement in the STF maintains arm-wrestling over the timeframe of indigenous lands

Indigenous people in front of the Supreme Court building for a day, one of them lifting an object

Credit, Reuters

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Indigenous people are meeting in Brasília to pressure STF and Congress against the time frame

The Federal Supreme Court (STF) postponed to Thursday (2/9) the votes of ministers in the judgment on the validity of the thesis of the “time frame” for demarcation of indigenous lands.

The trial resumed at 2 pm on Wednesday, but ended four hours later without the ministers manifesting.

The Wednesday session was occupied by speeches by lawyers for the parties and organizations that figure in the action as amice curiae (an expression in Latin that means “friends of the court” and designates groups that present arguments to try to influence the ministers’ votes).

The trial will resume on Thursday and has repercussions for several indigenous peoples who are claiming the demarcation of territories.