New PSN users are being banned instantly for no reason

Several PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users are commenting on Reddit that their new PlayStation Network accounts are being banned immediately upon creation and contacting Sony support does not explain why.

Some users have tried to create multiple accounts across different devices using multiple email addresses, only to receive an instruction to reset their passwords and then be greeted with a message informing them that their account has been banned.

The problem appears to be global and the possibilities of a banned console or IP account have already been ruled out.

“The support agent was extremely helpful and confirmed that the account had a temporary ban,” skylinemonkey wrote on Reddit. “He agreed that the temporary ban was unusual because the account was new. He escalated my problem to some experts and said the ban would be lifted in 24-48 hours.”

“To protect your account from potential suspicious activity, an automated temporary ban has been placed on it,” said LindV. “We need to ask a few questions to confirm your account and make updates if necessary.”

It is unusual for new accounts to be banned immediately for the reasons mentioned above. The issue appears to be affecting a small number of users, but it is certainly not an isolated incident.