No Man’s Sky reveals details about its massive Frontiers update

No Man’s Sky is getting ready for its next big update, Frontiers. After a somewhat timid teaser, now the developer has released many details about what players will be able to do with the arrival of new content, especially with the alien settlements.

Who knows No Man’s Sky knows that the main mechanic of the game is its procedural generation of planets, and this is also applied to settlements. The player will not build these locations from scratch, but will find them ready-made, each one being unique because it was spontaneously generated.

But that doesn’t mean you won’t interact directly with these settlements. It is possible to “earn the respect of the citizens” in one of these locations to become their leader, which means giving complete control over the settlement, allowing it to change its name, build facilities and even organize festivals – as well as having to protect the place from attack of Sentinels, among other activities.

The settlements are the main new gameplay, but the update Frontiers it’s pretty big – weighing in at over 11GB on PC – and it’s going to tweak a lot of other aspects of the game as well. Spatial nebulae are added, the build menu has been completely reworked for ease of use, and more save slots have been added.

The official website has more details with images for each of the new features that Frontiers will bring it to the game, on a date not yet revealed.