On the eve of completing 500 days of work, Arena MRV reveals percentage completed and collection – Rádio Itatiaia

Photo: Publicity/MRV Arena
Disclosure/MRV Arena

Stage of the work allows observing the ‘silhouette’ of the Arena, with the almost ‘closed’ metallic structure

On the eve of completing 500 days of works, which happens this Thursday (2), Arena MRV, Atlético’s future home, announced on Wednesday (1) the percentage completed and the proceeds from the sale of assets, such as cabins, captive chairs and parking spaces.

The Galo stadium is 35% complete. Currently, the assembly of the stadium, parking and esplanade structures is in the execution phase, in addition to the continuity of work on the drainage system, internal masonry and also the marginal road that will give access to the parking lot. Important and ‘gross’ phases of the work, such as the earthworks and construction of retaining walls and foundations, have been completed.

In return for the expenses with the complex work, Arena has already collected R$ 160 million from the sale of assets. Only in the sale of the second batch of captive chairs, around 1000 units have been sold since June, with sector I already sold out.

“At the beginning of the project, there was a projected collection of around R$100 million with chairs. Today, we can celebrate that, so far, this revenue has exceeded R$160 million”, reveals Arena MRV’s Administrative and Financial Director, Thiago Ribeiro Maia.


Atlético’s stadium is being built on a plot of 128,000 m², in the vicinity of the California neighborhood, in the Northwest region of Belo Horizonte, with a capacity for 46,000 fans, 4,462 of which are captive seats and 80 cabins. The athletic house will also have 40 bars and 2,333 parking spaces. Check out other numbers of the work:

Percentage of work completed: 35%
Number of workers who have already gone through the work: 1,174 workers
Number of employees currently on site: 530 employees
Tons of steel already used in the structures: 2,211 tons
Tons of steel frames: 13,404 tons
Tons of concrete already used: 4,277 assembled. total parts 21,008
Number of sectors in the stadium: 9 sectors
Number of gates: 18 gates
Parking accesses: 4 accesses
Number of elevators: 21 elevators
Number of escalators: 6 escalators