Outside Globo, Angélica discovered Luciano Huck’s situation and surprised her with her decision: “In the middle of the forest”

Angelica and Luciano Huck
Angelica is married to Luciano Huck (Image: Reproduction / Instagram)

Luciano Huck he faced a dilemma between a career as a presenter and the chance to enter politics. Now he hit the hammer, left the cauldron and took over the Domingão, but a council of Angelica was what helped to make that decision.

In an interview with columnist Patrícia Kogut, he revealed that he was advised by the blonde to do breathing exercises during this type of difficult decision, with professional help. For this, he turned to the teacher Kleber Tani:

“After the plane accident we suffered, what Angelica did very well was not any kind of anxiolytic. It was breathing. It was meditation. It was yoga. So, we respect a lot, me and the children, the tools she brought into the family. On the day when I was most distressed about the decisions I had to make, she said, ‘I have an Indian friend who says it’s best to be silent. That the answers will not come from anyone. They come from you’”.

Together they went on a five-day retreat with Kléber: “It was me and her. Without cell phone. We talk as little as possible. Doing five meditation sessions a day in the Serra de Minas, near Ibitipoca”.

“We were isolated in a house in the middle of the forest. It was immersive. It was very important in the process. You breathe and be silent is important. I really like to learn”, completed.

It is worth remembering that last Saturday was Luciano Huck’s last day in charge of Caldeirão and Angelica took the opportunity to pay an emotional tribute to her husband on social networks.

The blonde recalled romantic and fun moments with her husband at the extinct Caldeirão do Huck and congratulated him for this 21-year trajectory, which will be continued on Domingão:

Today the last Huck’s Cauldron goes on air! What a beautiful cycle my love lived. You made history with an impeccable, dedicated and talented team. Gratitude for having participated in all of this. Let the new challenge come! I know you will do it with competence, dedication, love and respect for the public that accompanies you. Pride”.

The presenter did not fail to respond to Angelica, on Instagram, but with a shorter message: “Love you. With you together, everything makes more sense”. The post, by the way, exceeded 310 thousand likes.

Ingrid Guimarães wished Luciano Huck “good luck” and Claudia Raia congratulated him: “Amazing! Congratulations, Lu! you deserve all the applause”. Sandy, who was already a judge on the now-defunct Soletrando painting, also commented: “Lu ending an amazing cycle! deserves all the honors”.

Monica Martelli was another who spoke: “Good luck on the new venture! It will be a success”. Heloísa Périssé wrote something similar: “Good luck Lu! You deserve the best”. Caldeirão do Huck’s Instagram warned: “We live many emotions together! And now let’s live a new phase”.

Eva, Benício and Joaquim’s father spoke about the animation to debut on Globo’s Sunday: “I’ll be at Domingão, this brand is the result of the brilliant work of my friend Fausto Silva over the last 33 years, Fausto for me has always been a great reference for me in Brazilian television. It’s an honor and a pride, the road he paved, for me to be able to follow it”.

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