Pabllo Vittar fans accuse Juliette Freire of plagiarism

After the disclosure of the cover of her new EP that will be released next Thursday (2), Juliette Freire got involved in a controversy with fans of singer Pabllo Vittar. That’s because admirers of the singer accused Juliette Freire of having plagiarized the visual identity of the album “Indestructible”, 2018.

The two images use the same prism effect that distort photographs. In addition, the effect of replicating the artists’ image in a circle shape was used in a similar way in both images. On social networks, fans of the owner of the hit “Triste com T”, complained: “Pbone copy? It just can’t do it like that lol”, joked a netizen. “Juliette unoriginal”said another. “The copy of Indestructible and Flood, this woman is no good”.

Many internet users too defended the BBB21 champion and they said that the similarity between the images was due to an effect: “This is an effect that is far from being Pabllo’s idea”, defended a fan of Juliette. “Either that’s an effect, or you think Demi isn’t creative and copied Pabllo”, argued another netizen showing a similar cover of a musical work by American singer Demi Lovato.

After the great repercussion on social media and the war between Pabblo Vittar, Demi Lovato and Juliette Freire fan clubs, the lawyer removed the EP cover with the same visual identity as the singers and replaced it with a new image that was already shared in her official profile on Instagram and Twitter.

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In the comments of the publication of the cover image of the new EP, followers of Juliette Freire reacted to the change of images: “What happened to the other Juliette cover?”, asked a fan. “I liked the first cover better, as it shows depth, sparkle in the eyes, freedom, it conveys something very strong and positive! But the second isn’t bad either, it just says less things“, opined another.

New singer Juliette Freire released the cover of her new single on social media. According to the lawyer, the new musical project is part of her dream. His new EP will have six songs composed by great names in national music: “The time has come to take on my best face. Meet the cover of my dream! Music has always been my refuge, it takes me to beautiful places… here I am! My EP will be available tomorrow on all streaming platforms. With love, Juliette”, wrote Anitta’s friend on Instagram.

In an interview with Hugo Gloss, the ex-sister recently talked about her love for music: “I always liked music and singing. Art has a special place in my heart. It is a huge emotion to create this project, my first, together with such important and talented people. Building my entire universe is a dream. I’m counting the hours to be able to share this with everyone”.

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