Palmeiras: Injury that took Luiz Adriano out of 55% of the games has an obscure origin – 09/02/2021

The passage of Palmeiras through the transfer window without signings for the attack command would be less traumatic if Luiz Adriano were playing. Owner of superlative numbers for the club, the shirt 10 only played in 22 of the 49 matches of Palmeiras in the season, an absence rate higher than 55%, the result of an injury whose origin has not been explained so far.

Luiz Adriano’s problem is an edema, which is nothing more than a swelling in his left knee. The swelling is caused by an inflammation known scientifically as synovitis, in the knee membrane. Its consequence is the increase in the production of fluid in the region, causing the popularly known “water in the knee”. In addition to making movements difficult, the condition brings pain and prevents the player from being able to train, physically conditioning and even more playing within the normal range.

There are many reasons for the appearance of edema, which can be due to strokes, chronic diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or osteoarthrosis, gout, hemophilia and repetitive strain. Recent studies show that even covid-19, which Luiz Adriano contracted twice, can cause chronic edema in the joints, in a framework of post-contagion syndrome. O UOL he learned from people familiar with the case that the swelling and pain in the goalscorer’s knee disappear and reappear without a pattern, which makes it difficult to plan for sending him to the field.

Corticosteroid treatments applied via infiltrations, for example, can allow the player to defend Palmeiras without feeling much pain, with less swelling. But the procedure is invasive and needs to be communicated and cleared by the anti-doping commission. Physiotherapy and rest are also indicated treatments. But, as the player was idle for a long time before returning to play and feeling pain again, rest doesn’t seem to be the answer.

Club guarantees that Luiz Adriano is in one piece

Palmeiras and the athlete’s fatigue ensure that the center forward is already recovered in relation to the matter, in his best physical shape to play. And that has not entered the field by mere choice of the technical committee. The prediction that the player was fully able to play, however, was given before, and the problem reoccurred.

The situation was mentioned by Abel Ferreira after the victory over Athletico-PR, on Saturday (27). The player was on the field against Fortaleza (7th August), for the Brazilian Nationals and, days later, he was unable to play the quarterfinals of the Libertadores against Tricolor (10), nor to face Atlético-MG (14) , by the National. In the return game against São Paulo (17), for the continental tournament, and in the commitments against Cuiabá (22) and Athletico himself, the three most recent of Alviverde, he was on the bench, but did not enter.

Palmeiras loses more than goals without the number 10

Luiz Adriano, who was Palmeiras’ top scorer in 2020 with 20 goals, has scored just three this season —against Corinthians, in the semifinals of Paulista; against Indepediente del Valle (EQU), in Libertadores; and in front of Chapecoense, in Brasileiro. The player has not been on the net for 88 days, since June 6, when Palmeiras hosted Chapecó’s team at Allianz Parque.

Without their center forward, Palmeiras loses more than a scorer. In 2020, the striker was also responsible for four assists, which placed him in second place in the group in direct participations for goals, with 24. He also loses a reference player in the group, as he was one of the six who played in the three finals of the team last season.

With Abel, by the way, he played in all decisions, except the first game of the South American Recopa, when he was with covid. No wonder he is one of the coach’s captains in the cast, along with Felipe Melo, Gustavo Gómez and Weverton. On Tuesday, Luiz Adriano normally participated in training at the Soccer Academy.