Pantera Negra and Marajoara: Santa Rosa launches uniforms for Series B of the Paraense Championship | Pará second division

Santa Rosa launched this Wednesday, September 1st, the uniforms that will be used in the dispute of Serie B of the Paraense Championship. One will be inspired by Pantera Negra, a Marvel comic book character, and the other by Marajoara culture.

The club intends to use the “Marajoara” for line players and the “Village Panther” for the goalkeepers. However, they can be reversed in exceptional cases.

The shirt “Pantera da Vila” pays homage to actor Chadwick Boseman, who plays the character Black Panther in the movies and who died in August 2020, a victim of cancer. The uniform also has details of the body painting of the warriors of Wakanda, a fictional country in history.

The “Marajoara” shows some of the typical art of the island of Marajó, in Pará, which is also traditional in Icoaraci, district of Belém.

Those interested in purchasing the shirts must make a reservation until the 15th of this month. 200 pieces of each uniform will be sold, for the value of R$ 85. Information and reservations by phone (91) 992409356.

Santa Rosa “Marajoara” shirt — Photo: Publicity/Santa Rosa

The debut of Santa Rosa at Segundinha do Parazão is scheduled for October 16th. Pantera will face Izabelense, away from home, for the F Group. The key still has Capitão Poço and Caeté.