Paola Carosella talks about fake world of social media

Chef Paola Carosella, 48, criticized the world of appearance created by social media today.

“What the social network creates is another reality, and if that reality exists, for a child and for someone who has no knowledge, it’s not a lie. It’s true and there that OK the danger,” declared the chef, guest of today’s “Saia Justa” (GNT).

carosella told have if startled when he saw an advertisement for a clinic in which the image of a woman filled with syringes appeared, which changed her appearance.

“That made me very scared. (…) Another world was created. We need OK all the time disciplining for understand that this other world does not exist”.

Everything the social network creates is another world and we need to live in it”.

The former judge of Masterchef Brasil also criticized how social networks have meant that, nowadays, more and more time is wasted on them and less on other tasks of the day to day.

“We lost the habit of doing small things in everyday life. Tidying up a drawer, cleaning a spoon, peeling an onion. (…) The social network brought the instant, the pleasure of the immediate. most nothing”.

The skirts also talked to Paola about how is it possible to deal with the comparison with others that social networks constantly bring.

“It’s sick. It’s completely sick. It all comes from the starting point. Who OK looking? What is the filter of those who look? How much do you believe this is the absolute truth and how OK your self love? How much do you believe you are enough and enough? The other is the other, we don’t need to compare ourselves with the other. but for that it needs a lot of structure and people don’t have it. A structure of maturity, of self-esteem, of having been close to a truth for understand that most of the things we see is the perfect click, but before and after OK shit,” said Paola.

Can you hold your breath?

Paola answered the skirts if she is a person who answers insults or keeps silent.

“If the answer is going to become a prize for that bastard or rude person who said something about me, if this aggression is a provocation to fall into that plot, then I keep quiet, I leave it in absolute silence, I won’t give them what they want. it’s on social networks, I respond less and less, because social networks have become a toxic environment, especially on twitter, where you just say a sentence and it seems like you’re saying something unique. “.

Now, if it’s a conversation with people and it’s really cool to give an answer to leave the person in their place, they leave like that, elegant.”

The chef even joked with the presenter Astrid Fontenelle, saying that sometimes she remembers after the answer to give the person. “3 days later! That’s the answer I should have given”

what turns on

At the end of the program, Paola answered what most arouses her sexual interest.

“What I like is what you expect. How much they give you what you OK waiting, you melt”, concluded the chef.