Paolla Oliveira answers Taís Araújo and says that Diogo Nogueira is not in ‘The masked singer’

Paolla Oliveira responded to a joke made by Taís Araújo, last Tuesday night (2/8), during the airing of the program “The masked singer Brasil”. Right at the first performance, which began with a show by Monstro, Taís Araujo made a guess: “It’s Diogo Nogueira”. Then, the judge pondered that the samba singer would not be on TV dressed up as a monster “having Paolla Oliveira in his house”.

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— It could have been Diogo Nogueira, but then I thought: just as Paolla Oliveira wouldn’t be here at this moment of passion, I also believe that Diogo Nogueira wouldn’t be dressing up as Monstro having Paolla Oliveira in his house — explained Taís Araújo, to laughter, sparking amusing reactions on Twitter.

'The Masked Singer Brasil' Photo: Kelly Fuzaro / TV Globo
‘The Masked Singer Brasil’ Photo: Kelly Fuzaro / TV Globo

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On social networks, Paolla Oliveira herself answered Taís Araújo. “Hi, Tais, we’re home, sister. Diogo Nogueira hasn’t left here, I guarantee it,” tweeted the actress, showing a photo of her hugging her boyfriend. Taís continued the conversation: “Sister, but I’m sure of that! Hahaha! You guys are two beautiful ones I’m a fan!”.

faux pas in the premiere

In the debut of “The masked singer Brasil”, Taís Araújo made a faux pas trying to find out who was the famous person behind the sunflower costume. The masked participant offered a tip to the judges. “I’m madly in love with Tiaguinho,” she said. And then Taís exclaimed: “It’s Fernanda Souza”.

Actress Fernanda Souza and singer Tiaguinho, however, have been separated for two years. “Oh, what a shame, guys,” apologized Taís Araújo during the show itself, making his colleagues laugh.

The next day, the judge wrote an apology on her social networks: “I would like to leave here my very public and sincere apologies for yesterday’s faux pas to Fê Souza and Thiaguinho, who I love. And to say that despite them being very well resolved , it seems that I was the one who didn’t overcome this separation until today, right?”.

The gaffe was taken as a joke by Fernanda Souza. “No need to apologize, OK! Thiaguinho and I laughed a lot. Friend, but it’s been almost two years. Ok, the pandemic left a crowd ‘things’ in relation to the weather”, replied the actress.