Pedestrians will be able to use and dare with an adult toy

The pre-confinement scheduled for Friday (3), promises to catch fire even before the debut in São Paulo. Some celebrities have already been distributed in their respective hotels, noting that to outwit, the network divided the famous from The Farm 13 in different establishments.

According to Léo Dias, columnist for Metrópoles, a special accessory was released in the pre-confinement. Artists will be able to use erotic toys to entertain themselves in the hotel room. Other items were also approved by the production of the rural reality show A Fazenda: a puzzle, an iPad without internet, candies, books and a pen-drive with movies.

According to the journalist, there is already an ex-participant of the Big Brother Brazil (Globo) excited about the news, with the release of massagers and vibrators. The cast has not yet been confirmed by the network, however, we already know that Record hit the hammer and some celebrities will be announced soon on Hoje em Dia.

The barn of legends promises to innovate with unprecedented celebrities and others already seen in reality shows. The number of celebrities that will be revealed in advance has also been defined, in all we will discover the 7-star identity. According to Rodrigo Carelli, director of the program, this can already be considered the best edition of all.

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Nego do Borel, Tati Quebra Barraco, Erasmo Viana, Mileide Mihaile and Bil Araújo are already enjoying their stay in São Paulo. Followers can follow the routine of future pedestrians and peoas on social networks, which they do not hide through videos or photos that are in the pre-confined. To deceive the public, some celebrities say they are on schedule in the big city.

Sofa audiences will discover firsthand some attendees next week. The press conference for A Fazenda 13 will be led by Adriane Galisteu, within Hoje em Dia, on Thursday (9). Internet users can comment using the hashtag of the program and reality on social networks.

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