PF tries to link Palocci – and PT – to the hackers who captured Moro and Dallagnol’s conversations

A series of classified documents obtained by Glenn Greenwald and capital letter shows that the Federal Police, formerly commanded by Moro and now equipped by the Pocketnarism, raises absurd hypotheses to unravel the supposed identity of a principal, or financier, of the capture of messages from the prosecutors of Operation Lava Jato and the former judge Sergio Moro that resulted in Operation Spoofing.

After trying to incriminate, in vain, Glenn Greenwald and former deputy Manuela d’Ávila, the focus changed. A group of agents from the Federal Police of the Federal District tries to support a fanciful thesis, according to which the hackers who invaded cell phones were at the service of another client: former PT minister Antonio Palocci, who would have offered 300 thousand reais in exchange for access to information that favored him in processes.

The amazing story is based solely and exclusively on the account of a 19-year-old boy who spent months in prison and won the benefit of house arrest right after denouncing his friends and the “PT boss”. Although he did not participate in the hacking of cell phones, Luiz Henrique Molição, the youngest of the six indicted by the Federal Police in Operation Spoofing, claimed, in November 2019, to have heard from Walter Delgatti Neto and Thiago Eliezer, appointed as heads of the “gang”, that “the invasions began to obtain material that could benefit Antonio Palocci Filho in a possible negotiation of an award-winning plea agreement that had been discarded by the Federal Public Ministry and was under negotiation with the Federal Police Department”.

There are no records of conversations between the “niece” and uncle Palocci

History does not stand still. Since the beginning of the investigation, Delgatti Neto confessed that he was responsible for the attack and that he acted on his own, but the PF insists on looking for another culprit. In addition to what he “heard”, Molição pointed out what the connection between the former PT minister and Delgatti would be: Luanna Costa, a “niece of Palocci” who later Spoofing investigators discovered was not related or related to the PT. Despite this, the PF Analysis Nucleus produced a three-page report on it.

In addition to coercing a 19-year-old young man to make an accusation that seems to be false, the Federal Police used unethical – and perhaps illegal – methods in the incessant search for a mastermind of the invasions. Investigators planted an environmental tap in the cell of one of the defendants, Thiago Eliezer, in order to capture conversations that could lead to the alleged principal and use the material as evidence in the investigation.

Except for the denunciation they extracted from a frightened young man, the inquiry is completely devoid of any evidence linking the ex-petista to the plot. No effort was made to formally charge Palocci.

Why, then, does the PF keep the investigation open with this absurd line of investigation? Find out the details in the cover story of the print edition of capital letter.

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