‘Pharaoh of bitcoins’ transferred R$ 72.3 million to church

Former waiter Glaidson Acácio dos Santos, known as the “pharao of bitcoins” and accused of financial pyramid, transferred R$ 72.3 million over a period of 2 years, through GAS Consultoria & Tecnologia, to the Universal Church of the Kingdom de Deus (Iurd), as a donation, point out documents handed over by members of the religious organization to police authorities.

In July 2021 alone, R$ 20 million were transferred by the alleged investor, according to Iurd. In a single transaction, an amount of R$15 million was sent to the church. According to Universal, the former waiter’s “donations” were received in “good faith”, since he had been the institution’s pastor and contributed to “supporting the temple” in Cabo Frio, where he attended.

However, the large sum caught the attention of local leaders, who started to question him about the origin of the resources. Without getting an answer from the “donor”, ​​the church decided to present the transfer sheet to the Court.

In 1 year and 3 months, 43 transfers were made to Iurd’s current accounts and 38 credit card transactions. According to the spreadsheet, transfers to the church were constant and only did not occur in March and May 2021.

Prison for financial pyramid

Glaidson“Pharaoh of bitcoins” handled R$ 7 billion in 4 accounts in his name during 2019 and 2020. (Source: O Globo/Reprodução)Source: O Globo/Reproduction

GAS Consultoria & Tecnologia, owned by Glaidson, promised a monthly payment of 10% of the capital invested in cryptocurrencies. The organization moved R$ 7 billion between 2019 and 2020, according to an investigation by the Federal Police and the Federal Public Ministry.

The “bitcoin pharaoh” was arrested on a charge of leading a criminal organization behind millionaire fraud, on August 25, in a luxury condominium in Barra da Tijuca, in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. Around R$ 15 million in cash were found at his residence, between reais, dollars and euros.

The couple Tunay Pereira Lima and Márcia Pinto, named as part of the financial pyramid scheme, were arrested in São Paulo. Tunay was embarking for the Dominican Republic when he was intercepted by police in São Paulo.