Philips Hue Wins Spotify Integration to Synchronize Light and Music | Electronics

According to the manufacturer, the user is able to change brightness, choose color palette and light intensity, and start and stop synchronization at any time. The experience is compatible with Philips Hue, Hue Go and LED strip models, but you also need the Hue Bridge accessory and a color lamp.

The company claims that the user will be able to use the cell phone for other tasks at the same time, without disturbing the synchronization, since the application does not need the microphone to detect the audio.

At setup time, the user must sign in with their Philips Hue and Spotify accounts in the app. That way, as soon as you play the songs from the service on a notebook, tablet or cell phone, for example, synchronization will work immediately, as the software will “understand” that the two accounts are associated.

Users who use the Hue 4 app and are registered in the early access program will be the first to experience the new, starting this Wednesday. The propagation will be done little by little and should take up to seven days for everyone in that group to be able to use the integration. According to the manufacturer, everyone should receive the update after October 2021.

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